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Judge Chad L. Carey and staff of Clinton County Juvenile Court welcome you to its website. Juvenile Court serves the residents of Clinton County by hearing all cases involving children under 18 years of age for allegations of abuse, neglect, and dependency who are in need of services, also delinquency/unruly and traffic violations concerning children under the age of 18, and custody and child support matters where the parties were never married and grandparent rights.

This website is designed to provide information to the general public about the purpose, programs and basic structure of the Juvenile Court. This website cannot provide specific case information due to the confidential nature of juvenile proceedings.

It is not the intention of the Clinton County Juvenile Court to offer legal advice through these pages or through answering questions. While knowledgeable about the operational procedures of the Court, the Clerks are not attorneys and cannot recommend specific legal options and by their answering questions should not be construed as such. When in doubt about your legal status, you should seek the advice of an attorney knowledgeable in the area of law about which you are inquiring.

Payment Information

The Clinton County Juvenile Court does accept credit cards as a form of payment, and cash or money orders are also accepted.

Only Attorneys may submit payments in the form of a check made out to Clinton County Juvenile Court.
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Closed on State Holidays and the Friday after Thanksgiving
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