Clinton County Juvenile Court

Become a CASA Volunteer

Interested in Becoming a CASA Volunteer?

Contact the CASA office for more information.


Fill out and submit the Application

Background Check

Each applicant must successfully complete a local and national background check.


The director will contact the applicant after receiving the application. The interview will explore the appropriateness of the applicant for the CASA volunteer position and address any questions or concerns.

Pre-Service Training

Volunteers will receive 30+ hours of pre-service training.

Oath of Office

At the completion of training, Clinton County Juvenile Judge Chad Carey will administer the Oath of Office to volunteers who have successfully completed the pre-service training

Case Appointment

The CASA director will appoint a volunteer to a case. The volunteer will receive an Order of Appointment approved by the Court to conduct an investigation and to serve the child’s best interest.

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