Clinton County Juvenile Court Services


Youth who are placed on probation are provided the opportunity to correct the behavior that has brought them before the Court. Probation includes such requirements as attending school regularly, obeying the rules and instructions of parents/guardians, obeying all Federal, State and Local laws, abstaining from drug use, etc… Failure to abide by the rules of probation and/or Court Orders, can result in further court action and additional sanctions.

Youth who are placed on probation are monitored closely in an effort to identify problem behaviors, potential negative influences and other risk factors. The probation officer will assist youth and families in obtaining needed services through other agencies within the community, such as mental health counseling, drug/alcohol intervention, anger management classes, etc…

The probation officer will also strive to identify each youth’s strengths and interests in order to connect the youth with positive social activities and extracurricular activities which support sober social living.

The Juvenile Intervention Assessment (JIA) is a screening tool utilized by Juvenile Court Services to help assess major risk factors associated with delinquency and acting out behavior. The JIA assesses 9 Domains: Truthfulness, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Distress, Family Dynamics, Alcohol, Drugs and Stress Management. JIA results help in case planning, supervision, referral and treatment.

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