Clinton County Juvenile Court Services

Court Services Staff

The Juvenile Court Services Department is a branch of the Clinton County Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Division. Our mission is to connect youth and families with necessary and appropriate services, monitor compliance with Court Orders and serve as role models for unruly/delinquent youth in our community. In doing so, we strive to foster law abiding, productive citizens.

Rachel YoungChief Probation Officer(937) 382-1544 ext. 2206
Adam GreenProbation Officer(937) 382-1544 ext. 2208
Chad MasonCommunity Service Coordinator(937) 382-1544 ext. 2207
Margie EadsMediation Coordinator(937) 383-3286 or (937) 382-1544 ext. 2204
Melanie HillAdministrative Assistant(937) 382-1544 ext. 2200
Austin GrayDeputy Mediator/Probation Officer(937) 383-3286 or (937) 382-1544 ext. 2205
Dana TomlinsonDeputy Mediator(937) 383-3286 or (937) 382-1544 ext. 2209
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